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Alsina Foods

Importers of Premium Argentine Beef

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Alsina Foods

Natural, Sustainable Beef

Alsina Foods

Welcome to Alsina Foods, the company dedicated to providing high-quality beef products that are healthy, delicious and sustainably sourced.

Argentine Beef is world renowned for its quality and taste. Naturally juicy and tender, it is ideal not only for the traditional argentinian "asado" but it can also meet your most sophisticated culinary demands on other dishes.

We work with ranchers committed to raising only top-quality Angus and Hereford cattle. All our beef is raised naturally, in open spaces where cattle range freely. Our cattle is primarily grass fed under sustainable farming practices.

  • Natural taste, tender, juicy, healthy
  • Great balance of flavor and marbling
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Free range, Humanely raised
  • Animal Welfare certified
  • Free of Anabolics

Our Commitment

Our Quality Control at origin guarantees consistency and quality in all our products.

The beef is processed packed and air-shipped chilled to San Francisco from Argentina where it is received and stored at our temperature-controlled warehouse.

We minimize the in-route shipment timing to ensure you get fresh and insulated products free of any contaminants.

Beef Cuts

The following are the Argentine beef cuts we have available for sale in the United States.

About Us

Alsina Foods

Alsina Foods was founded by Alberto Lataliste and Ashton Wolfson in May 2022 with the goal of importing into California the best beef available in Argentina.

The company name originates from the town of Alsina in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Pampas region, near the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Rios. An area considered ideal for raising grass-fed cattle.

We work with ranchers that raise only top-quality Angus and Hereford cattle in a natural environment which produces a great balance of flavor and marbling to the beef.